what is a psychic ?

Psychic  is a general term for someone who is aware of  their  'other' senses. These senses can be Spiritual Healing, Clairvoyance or Mediumship, and can be all or some, of the aforementioned. To ascertain which of the senses a psychic has, you have to ask the psychic !

All of us are psychic to some degree, some more  developed than others. The best way to explain it is much like the ability to draw.....the vast majority of us can draw, however some of us can only draw  ' matchstick men  ' at best,  whilst others among us are able to paint and draw like Rembrandt or Constable !

Psychic ability can be developed like any ability. As there are courses for improving drawing and painting, there are also courses for psychic ability, whether it be Clairvoyance, Mediumship or Healing.  If you want to develop any abilities you have, then there are many organisations , too numerous to list,  that would enable you to do so. Look in your favourite Astrology or Psychic magazine, you will usually find courses that are available.


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