what is a medium ?

A Medium is someone who can  have regular contact those who have passed over  to the other side. It is not necessarily a way of looking towards you and your future. It is simply a conversation or some form of contact with departed ones. If contact is made, then the messages received will probably be fond memories of past events, or comforting words to a departed loved one , left on this life plain.

I would like to make emphasis on the ' if contact is made'  statement because a Medium is at the call of those who have passed over, it is not the other way round . In other words a Medium cannot use the ability like a telephone line...tapping in to who they want when they want. If a departed one wishes to make contact they usually do, but if they don't want too they won't, it's as simple as that

Mediums do have methods of attracting departed ones,  such as Psychometry ( holding an object that  once belonged to a loved one) but in the final analysis, it's left to the departed ones whether they 'come through' or not.
However there are a few 'different' types of mediumship, which are explained on the following page.


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