what is a clairvoyant ?

 Clairvoyant means 'clear seeing'.  When you have a consultation with a clairvoyant, that clairvoyant will hope to clearly see with you, however this is not quite what it seems, because there are many different types of picture that a clairvoyant does see, so I will endeavour to explain the types :      

A Real time picture.....this is one where the clairvoyant has clear understanding of what has or will transpire...eg. lets say someone came to me for a reading and I may be gazing into my crystal ball when I see a picture of my client walking into a local bank with a shotgun......quite clearly, they're going to rob a bank !   A silly example I know, but at least it's a clearly understandable one !

A symbolic picture......very often a clairvoyant may see some sort of symbol with a client, often the clairvoyant will be able to fathom it, sometimes they will not and the client will tell them what it means. On occasion, neither party will know the meaning and it may be sometime before it becomes apparent to the client what the symbol meant. To illustrate this, here's a couple of examples that happened to me over the years...

Example 1.  One evening many years back I was giving a reading to a lady around the age of 70, when for no reason I saw a symbol, which was of  a map of Australia, with three black silhouettes of men across the foreground.....I had no idea what the explanation was, but the lady did ! She explained that she had three step brothers who emigrated to Australia in the 1920's, and all the three stepbrothers had died within a year of each other, the year previous to me seeing the lady !  Even though I saw the symbol, she told me what it meant.

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