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To get full value from the Tarot, its a good thing to know its history. There's more to these 78 cards than you may at first think. In fact the Tarot is probably the oldest form of playing cards still in common use, both for games and as the basis of a branch of the Clairvoyant art.

Like many games and fortune telling techniques, the Tarot evolved slowly over the centuries, with no definitive date of origin. Over 6000 years ago there is some evidence that a faith called Qabala used a form of card for prophecies. Its worth knowing here that many modern religions took many points from the Kabala. Judaism and Christianity especially used parts of the Kabala as an early basis for their own philosophy.

It's around the 14th century though that the Tarot began to gain popularity around the world. It is believed that the Tarot was brought from India or Egypt into Italy at this time, possibly by wandering gypsies and/or returning Crusaders Some believe that its based on the Hebrew alphabet or on Egyptian or Hindu mythology, although I personally feel that the Kabala was the real originator. It is of course the early 14th century and the advent of wood block printing that made cards available to the masses. Actually, it’s around this period when playing cards are first mentioned in historical records, although it must be said not always with enthusiasm !

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