the runes

Most methods of divination, I-ching, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology etc. have their origins in the eastern part of our world, however there is an exception......the Rune Stones, or Runes as they probably should really be called. In fact the Runes are very much a product of Western society.

According to Mythology however, the story is a little different. In the Tarot pack there is a card called the Hanged Man, dipicting a gentleman hanging upside down by one leg from a tree. This, according to mythology is a Norse God called Odin, who hung upside down on a tree for nine days and nights awaiting divine inspiration ( if it were me hung upside down by one leg, I'd want rather quicker divine inspiration).

However, it appears Odin was made of sterner stuff than me, and eventually his determination was granted in the shape of the Rune Stones. To reward his stalwart endevours he became known as the Rune Master. A great oracle Odin may have been, but I suspect he was lacking in negotiation skills with those who hand out divine inspiration...let's face it, a title of Rune Master for all that hassle and pain !

Anyhow for those of you who have Tarot packs, now you know what the Hanged Man card is all about. In reality the story is more down to earth ,as Odin found out when his rope broke and he landed on his head ! The rope didn't break, honest, I've just made that up. Still I bet he had a headache hung up there for nine days and nights (twerp)

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