natural healing

There are many names for Natural healing, some call it ' spiritual healing', ' hands on healing' etc. and there are many names and methods under which it practiced. eg.. Reiki, Chakra, Chantron etc. Usually the people who practice the different methods, believe their method to be the best. However it is my belief and experience that all methods are really much the same principal, although I'm sure some practitioners would disagree.

What is known, is that these natural methods do enjoy great success with many and why  it works is only theory, but it does, and can work well for many people. In fact some of the results can be quite startling !  In my organisation, for example many of my colleagues and I, through many methods, have been able to alleviate ailments such as nerve related problems, leukemia, mobility problems , serious illnesses etc.
All of us are natural healers to some degree and on our live shows, I always show the audience a very basic Chantron Healing technique that everyone should be able to carry out . This technique is excellent for things like headaches and migraine.  The demonstration enables the audience to 'feel' the healing energy that all of us have.  I then ask for someone in the audience who has a headache, and within a few minutes without exception, that headache is cured !

Like I say there are many methods of natural and why it works is only theory and open to debate, but it can work for many people. We at Eire Psychics offer Free Absent Healing. So, if yourself, someone you know, or even an animal is unwell, please let us know and we'll send out absent healing for the next 14 days. Just click below.


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