methods of divination

All the methods of divination that are used ie. Tarot, I-ching, Runes, Palmistry etc. are really aids; or tools to the clairvoyant. In themselves they do not tell us whether you will meet someone who is 6'2", eyes of blue and how much money they have in the bank ! These details are left to a persons natural clairvoyance. All these aids do is to give us areas to work in, help promote the clairvoyance, used for time elements or help build a picture up of the clients life. In fact you will find that all clairvoyants use them in slightly different ways to each other.

Most people can learn to use these from a book. Those who descibe themselves as a Tarot Reader, Rune Reader etc.  and do not use the the word clairvoyant  in their description of themselves, have simply learnt their trade from the book and are not clairvoyants; they read as per the instructions.

Clairvoyants however, use these tools differently...not only do they use the meanings of the tool, they can also expand upon them or indeed alter them , using their clairvoyant capabilities. For example in palmistry, there are lines that can tell if you're going to meet someone new in your life, however that line does not tell us what they look like or anything about them ! This information comes from the clairvoyants natural clairvoyant abilities and can also help develop these abilities.
In the sections to follow we look at four of the most popular methods of divination used, palmistry, tarot, crystal ball and the runes.  The articles are an introduction to them, and are taken from books that have been published by Jon.

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