natural Crystal

Natural Crystals are formed over millions of years and can be considered as one of natures  gifts. Not only can they be made into stunning  jewellery (diamond, opal, amethyst, ruby, emerald etc.), all natural crystals can be used for healing purposes.

However, I use a simple method that all of  us can use, and with much success. As the crystals are forming they gather the trace elements from the earth, and each crystal holds a different trace element.
Trace elements are missing from most modern day diets, which in turn can leave a persons body lacking in many of  these elements in it's fight against  certain ailments and illnesses that befall us.

For example if you suffer migraines or headaches, buy a small piece of natural Rock Quartz and hold it as often as you can next to the skin...some people have jewellery made out of it so it can be next to the skin at most times.  This is where the clue is..........over a period of time, the skin will begin to absorb the crystals elements and eventually go into the blood stream, thereby giving the element to the body. The trace element in Rock Quartz helps migraines and headaches. Don't expect rapid results though, but within a month or two you should find your problem beginning to ease.

Amethyst is rather good for nerve related problems and circulation disorders. Rose Quartz helps emotions and the libido, whereas Pyrite helps build up strength. In fact there are countless crystals and stones for many ailments.  A trip to your local crystal store is worthwhile as most owners tend to be avid crystal followers and will be able to tell what is good for what.

In the Divination section, learn why the Crystal Ball is a favourite tool for most clairvoyants and mediums.

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