the crystal ball

Usually made of  lead crystal an average size ball can be quite expensive to buy, but even that price can be eclipsed by those fortunate to own a clear natural quartz crystal ball, which can cost anything up to £1,000. However few psychics are rich enough to own a quartz , so most own a good quality lead crystal.  But how does it work ?

Crystal, both lead and quartz , is rather good at absorbing energies, that is why when you have a crystal reading you are asked to hold it. Hopefully it then absorbs your energies and then by holding it in return the clairvoyant can tap into those energies. Often the clairvoyant can see pictures (clairvoyance) within the ball, equally it may also promote pictures in the clairvoyants mind.

There is some scientific evidence as to how crystal works, for example in most watches these days the heart of it is a tiny quartz crystal, so sensitive it keeps very accurate time. Quartz crystal can also be found in many electronic devices and radio's. The electronic frequency of crystal can be controlled enabling it to be used in communication devices and even in your hi-fi system !  It can be said that by holding a crystal ball it is absorbing your 'radio waves' and the clairvoyant switches into your channel !

Fascination with crystal promotes many people to invest in a ball, even though they may have little or no psychic abilities, with the hope that they'll be able to see their own futures. Big mistake that, because the crystal ball is meant to be used by others and then for the clairvoyant to see for them. Using it for yourself is usually a waste of time, because all you will feel or see, are the things that you all ready know about.  If you own a crystal ball, let others hold it, then you do so,  and only then may you find that the ball will begin to work.

However, a crystal ball is good to relax with. Just by holding it and gazing into it's depth's you can be taken into the magical realms of your imagination, and who knows what adventures behold you there !

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