the aura

You know that guy Pythagoras?  He's the chap who formulated the theorem a squared + b squared = c squared. Well, in 500 BC Pythy wrote an essay which pretty much shocked the scientists' fraternity. Mr. Pythagoras said, "that every human being has a light radiating from them that reflects their current state of mind." He was talking about auras ( way ahead of his time, that lad ). So what exactly is an aura ?

An Aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things, including humans of course. This aura is full of colour and can extend to a depth of a few feet, although it's usually about 1' to 18". The Aura can be photographed with the aid of an Aura Imaging Camera.  At this point it may be a good idea to explain a few misconceptions that some people have. As I've said the Aura can be photographed by an Aura Imaging Camera. Many believe this  though, to be the Kirlian Camera, and it is certainly not ! The Kirlian camera simply takes a photo of the electro magnetic energy around living beings and objects. This electro magnetic field is only about 1"- 2"  in depth. In humans it can be a good indicator of state of health and many therapists use it to diagnose problems.

To show you what I mean here are a few examples of Kirlian photography.


           Coin                                 Hand                              Thumb

Anyhow I'm not here to extol the virtues or explain the Kirlian Camera, so let's get on to the Aura.   ....continue >

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